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ImageJ Installation Instructions

Image Analysis Software (ImageJ)

The Excel series firewire cameras are fully compatible with the powerful ImageJ image analysis program created at the National Institutes of Health.  A plug-in for the Excel cameras allows the user maximum benefit of this open-source software available to the public.  ImageJ provides full support and documentation of its processing and analysis features at


If the Exponent camera software for the Excel series cameras has not been installed, download and install the current release.  If ImageJ has not been installed, download and install a copy from here.

To begin the installation of the ImageJ plug-in:

1.  Download the DageExcel Zip file from here.

2. Open the ImageJ folder. 

The default location is

C:\Program Files\ImageJ
C:drive>Program Files Folder>ImageJ

2. Open the DageExcel ZIP file.

There will be two files located within the ZIP file.

  1. DageExcel_.dll
  2. DageExcel folder (DageExcel_.jar file within)

3. Drag the DageExcel_.dll file from the DageExel ZIP into the ImageJ folder.

The default location for the ImageJ folder is C:\Program Files\ImageJ

4. Drag the DageExcel folder from the DageExel ZIP into the plugins folder.

The default location for the plugins folder is C:\Program Files\ImageJ\plugins.

C:drive>Program Files Folder>ImageJ Folder>Plugins

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the installation of the DageExcel plugin for ImageJ.  To now use the DageExcel camera, please follow the next step.

5. Open ImageJ.  Click Plugins on the top menu and navigate down over the DageExcel plugin listing.  Click the DageExcel option that pops up.

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