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Dage Excel Camera Firmware Release Notes:

Date: 12-04-08

Excel Camera Firmware is specified for use only with models XLV, XL16 & XLM.
Firmware updates are provided in order to access new camera features or bug fixes. It is not necessary to upgrade camera firmware unless these new features are desirable. To check what version firmware is installed in your camera, just go to the "help"\"about" menu in the Dage Exponent software application.
Note: New Firmware may require the camera software to be updated. Follow the version information below and update Exponent software if necessary. Refer to the “Dage Exponent Software Release Notes” for additional information regarding software updating.

Instructions: Download the Dage XL file to a convenient place on your computer. After unzipping the downloaded firmware file, follow the instruction file included in the download (“Excel Firmware Install.PDF”) or you can refer to the Excel Camera User Manual supplied with your camera or the "help"\"User's Manual" section in the Exponent software. Refer to the Excel Camera user manual for up to date information on new features supported with new Exponent software, firmware or additional installation information.

File Version Information: The firmware file will follow this format “PhxUsrAppXXXX.bin” where XXXX is the version number. Do not rename or alter the firmware file or name.

Version: 100J Date:12/4/2008 Use with Exponent Version 1.300.
Changes: Persistent settings fix

Version: 100I Date:6/18/2007 Use with Exponent Version 1.300.
Changes: Added Linux Upgrade for latest Linux libraw1394, libdc1394 and Coriander GUI compatibility.

Version:100H Date:12/18/2006 Use with Exponent Version 1.300.
Changes: Added additional error detection to IIDC registers. Added erase utility to user non-volatile IIDC registers.

Version:100G Date:4/20/2006 Use with Exponent Version 1.300.
Changes: Fixed binning while in auto gain/shutter bug in XLVM camera.

Version:100F Date:1/13/2006 Use with Exponent Version 1.300.
Changes: Fixed 545ms shutter bug in XLM camera; Changed gain limit during binning (2x/3x bin from 10dB limit to full gain and 4x/5x bin from 1dB to 10dB limit).

Version:100C Date:12/9/2005 Use with Exponent Version 1.200.
Changes: Fixed trigger mode-1 (get black first image); Fixed saving shutter settings in memory channels, Fixed Trigger anomaly (when switching modes using autosave and trigger source, trigger used to continue to save images when trigger switched to auto); Added support for long integration of cooled cameras.

Version:100A Date:10/28/2005 Use with Exponent Version 1.100.
Production Firmware release.

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