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High Definition HD-210D HD Microscope Camera
Real Time High Definition Single Chip CMOS Camera

The high-definition color microscope camera is the premier solution to viewing highly detailed images in a real time live mode. The high frame rate provides smooth motion while the 2.1 megapixel sensor provides a sharp, true full screen HD image.

The high-definition camera is especially effective in settings such as tumor review boards, clinical rounds, pathology labs, teaching environments and industrial inspection.

Combine with the High Definition HD RV-DR Magic Box for an unparalleled imaging capture and review system.

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RealView HD-210
Sample images from the High DefinitionHD-210D

Ideal solution for a review board, teaching setting, or other collaborative environments.

  • Exceptional detail 2.1 million pixel HD sensor
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution of real time image
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Preprogrammed for best brightfield color imaging
  • Live HD image adjusts quickly to magnification or scene change
  • No image smear, lag or jitter
  • Eliminates eye fatigue from repetitive eyepiece viewing
  • Enables collaborative diagnostics in group setting
  • Allows entire class to view a live image on monitor or DLP projector
  • 16x9 HD image fills the monitor screen
  • Easy to connect with standard DVI output
  • Standard "C" mount for simple connect
  • 1/3" optical coupler recommended for microscope
  • Dage-MTI service and support from industry leader
Full Screen HD Image

  • The HD-210 outputs a true 16x9 ratio HD image for full screen display
  • No vertical compression or horizontal stretching
  • No black bars and no cropping of image Matches your monitor's HD specs for a true pixel to pixel image
Real Time Viewing

  • The HD-210 outputs images at a high frame rate (60 FPS) for smooth real time live motion
  • Selectable between 1080p/60, and 1080i/30
  • Connects simply with DVI cable or HDMI converter cable
  • No PC or software required


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